New publication (from my PhD)

I just got the sharing link today! Rachael S. Avery, Alan E. S. Kemp, Jonathan M. Bull, Richard B. Pearce, Mark E. Vardy, J. James Fielding, and Carol J. Cotterill (2019). A new varve sequence from Windermere, UK, records rapid ice retreat prior to the Lateglacial Interstadial (GI-1). Quaternary Science Reviews 225, December, 105894. reading New publication (from my PhD)


Stockholm foraging: Crabapples

Crabapples are the Caucasian predecessors to domestic cultivated apples, and when cooked can make delicious preserves. In Swedish they are vildäpplen, literally 'wild apples', and there happen to be several trees growing in our neighbourhood and at the University. We collected some windfalls to funny looks from passersby, then proceeded to make a tasty crab … Continue reading Stockholm foraging: Crabapples